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Professor, Mentor . . . Friend? (Christian College Guide print magazine, page 31 of PDF)

How We Instagrammed Away Our Feelings (Christianity Today’s Hermeneutics)
One of the writers’ picks for best Her.meneutics pieces of the year

‘I Cannot Give Myself to Painting’ (The Behemoth – co-write)

Reeling from Joy in the Texas Bay (The Behemoth)

The Precise Magic of the Symphony (The Behemoth)

Always Advent and Never Christmas? (Christianity Today)

Turn, Turn, Turn (This Odd House)

Give Us This Day Our Daily Brew (Christianity Today’s Her.meneutics)

In the Beginning was the … Emoticon? (Christianity Today’s Her.meneutics)

The Work of the People (The Common Vision)

18 Helpful Apps for College Students (Christian College Guide)



The Behemoth: Art and Poetry in Theological Prose (

Heralding Hope: Christian Writing in a Pluralist Society (


Inside Out: Celebrate ALL of Christmas | Podcast Interview with Martha Manikas-Foster




Introducing North Park University’s New Logo

North Park University Now Accepting Global Common Application

Artifacts from Chicago’s First Swedish Church Now on Display

What We Learned in the North Woods: A Dispatch from North Park’s Writing Retreat

Three of a Kind: Triplet RNs Graduate from North Park University Together

North Park Students Unite to Provide Christmas Gifts for Chicago Kids

North Park Gathers Around the Humility of the Manger

North Park Hosts Political Science Conference, Cultivates Scholarship Among Students

U.S. Poet Laureate’s Message to Students: “Find Your Truth”



Video Scripts

Virtual Reality Campus Tour

North Park University YouTube Ad

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