Andie Pic Long

Hello. I’m Andie. I’m a writer, editor, wife, and Anglican. As Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications at North Park University, I tell the stories of students and programs I heartily believe in. On the bus to and from work, I scribble essays and (sometimes) poetry. Wayfarings, which began as a journal of a semester abroad, is a now a place where I occasionally share things I’ve written, often for other publications.

A little more about me, for the interested:

My husband, Collin, and I are Texas transplants, happily settled in Chicago’s Logan Square. He is in the process of opening a wine bar. I suffer alongside him by tasting lots of cool wine and co-hosting dinner parties.

I was formerly assistant editor and marketer at Christianity Today, where I helped start The Behemoth magazine. I hold a B.A. in Communications and Theology from Moody Bible Institute, but in case you were wondering, no relation to school’s founder.

I find great delight in friendship, good food and beverage, books, and regular dancing.

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