Our Love for Coffee & My New Piece on Her.meneutics

Coffee shops have been a centerpiece in my life since my teens, mostly because Collin has been working in the coffee industry since he was 15. I can remember one of our first times hanging out; we sat the independent suburban shop where he once worked and talked for several hours, learning much about each other and realizing how much we had in common.

Since then, I’ve watched him compete in latte-art throwdowns and pourover brewing competitions. I have attended countless formal coffee cuppings, met Honduran coffee farmers, and toured the roasting facilities of many specialty coffee companies. I’ve been the happy beneficiary of many leftover pastries after closing. We honeymooned in Portland, because we were both excited to check out the bustling coffee scene there (though, I did have to remind him more than once that it wasn’t  a business trip). The centrality of coffee in our relationship even motivated us to take the below engagement photos at Intelligentsia’s lovely Monadnock store.

All this coffee love meant I had to say yes when my colleague, who is the editor of Her.meneutics, Christianity Today‘s blog for women, asked if I wanted to write about how Christians are working in coffee and engage with this NPR article on Louisville’s “Christian coffee” scene. So please click over there check out my piece: “Give Us This Day Our Daily Brew.”

Photos by Stephanie Horstkoetter

Photos by Stephanie Horstkoetter

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I previously wrote for Her.meneutics on stewarding language—and why I don’t (generally) use emojis.